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Larry Weltman

Customer Service Representative, Real Estate

Hi, I'm Larry Weltman. Welcome to my profile!

Larry Weltman's Bio:

Larry Weltman to friends, business associates and clients – is truly one of a kind.  We know that it is easy to say that, but in Weltman’s case, it is the truth. Larry Weltman first worked as an accountant after getting a degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Doing accounting and dealing with financial matters gave him a head start in the world of finance. However, while Larry found finance rewarding and fulfilling, he felt that it was not enough.  Dealing with numbers exhilarated him and kept him learning and on his toes.  But he also wanted to deal with people and help them.  So what better way to do that than by combining his expertise in finance and customer service? Progressive and successful real estate agents in Canada know Larry as a committed and dedicated professional who helps them keep their finances in order and their cash flow liquid and flowing.  Larry is a dedicated Customer Service representative of AccessEasyFunds Limited (“AEF”). AEF is a leading and trusted commission advance firm in Canada, and Larry has been instrumental in its success for the past six years.  At AEF, Larry has been responsible for maintaining professional customer relationships that extend beyond just business and in actively taking care and responding to their needs.  For more information on Access Easy Funds Limited and Larry’s work for the company, you can visit the company’s Web site at So what is a guy with Larry Weltman’s background doing in real estate?  Simple: he has the desire to work with and help people, coupled with a strong service spirit.  AEF saw a need and was able to pinpoint a problem that needed to be addressed, and so they came up with a solution. Larry Weltman knows that real estate agents usually wait long time periods for their commissions, often getting into a bind when it comes to their cash flows.  This is the reason why AEF was born, helping it establish its business and operations systems. Over the years, Larry has also been very successful in bringing in new clients, as well as in rewarding customer loyalty.  With his focus on customer satisfaction and assistance, Larry made sure that the company’s clients kept coming back and availing of its services.  So much so that a bulk of AEF’s client list are loyal customers who have been with the company for several years. On top of his customer-facing role at AEF, Larry Weltman also wants to help real estate agents, with general advancing information.  So Larry Weltman shares his insights and knowhow about this area at his personal blog site. Larry’s professionalism, commitment and dedication extend beyond work and his profession.  He is a very dedicated family man and is a proud father of three beautiful children, and an even prouder husband. Aside from that, Larry Weltman is a fitness buff. He loves working out and weight training, often sharing his fitness secrets to friends and avid readers at his fitness and football blog. Larry is also an avid fan of European soccer among other team sports.  He is a big fan of Liverpool Football Club and is a known expert on the Premier League football team.

Larry Weltman's Experience:

  • Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds Ltd.

Larry Weltman's Interests & Activities:

customer service, real estate, Canada,

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